Stroller Strides® is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout is comprised of strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining the little ones with songs, activities and fun!


Stroller Barre® is a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. This workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to help you regain posture and alignment while strengthening your body from the inside out.


Strides 360® promises a heart-­pumping workout designed to increase your endurance while also developing speed, agility, and quickness to help you sprint through mom life. Bodyweight conditioning is strategically placed to provide recovery, strength and round out your workout.


Looking for a class to get your heart rate up, check here for classes ranging from HIIT to Tabata to a combination of both!


A strength class in an hour long format with no cardio.


Fast Paced, 30 minute cardio class


30 Minute core focused class

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30 minute lower body workout

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30 minute upper body workout

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Total body workout, featuring strength as well as cardio!

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1 hour strength and yoga class, with light cardio.

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Looking for an activity to do with your kiddos while at home? Check out our growing library of crafts, learning, stories, and more!


20 Minute Stretch and restore class


Access restricted to Body Well/Boost mamas that are in session.

1 hour long HIIT class!

Southwest Denver Digital Library

Check out our local instructors teaching classes that range from 20-60 minutes, in all formats. We have over 200 recordings that can be accessed from anywhere! Already have a membership, email for access. Pass holders, email for access options!